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Let a professional help organize your home and life

Gutters Plus Team
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Many people routinely find themselves confronted with situations that could be made simpler if they were just a little more organized. Whether it's lost keys, cramped cabinets or misplaced documents, minor yet inconvenient situations can be mitigated if not eliminated if men and women simply commit to being more organized.

Men and women who struggle with organization may be surprised to learn just how much time and productivity they lose to disorganization. For example, a survey from Ikea found that men and women routinely spend six minutes just looking for their keys. When added up, that's a substantial amount of time that can be put to better use.

Becoming more organized is a popular resolution come New Year's Day, and many people benefit from hiring professional organizers to make their resolutions a reality.

Professional organizers can help men and women reduce clutter in their homes and offices and regain control over their surroundings. Such professionals also can help solve organization problems, and that can help men and women reduce stress.

Professional organizers know which strategies work, but men and women should know that not all organizers are the same. Some organizers may work as a hobby or be part of a larger cleaning company, while others are certified in organization. When searching for an organizer, determine if he or she belongs to the National Association of Professional Organizers and/or if an organizer has been certified by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers®. While certification may not be necessary to help you organize your home or business, certified organizers may have more experience.

Organizers may specialize in certain areas. Some deal with corporate and business organization, while others help with real estate staging. Look for one who has experience working with people of your ilk.

Organizers will want to examine clients' situations before they develop a plan of action. Therefore, do not feel the need to prepare for the organizer's arrival by cleaning up, as doing so may only mask the problems you're having. The organizer will walk through your home or business and assess your needs. Many organizers will suggest you work with them to learn organizational strategies that you can implement on your own so you remain organized for years to come.

Check with the organizer to see what type of packages he or she offers. Some packages may be detailed, while others may just provide a foundation for you to become more organized.

Getting organized is more than just having a clean space. It's about taking control of your environment and improving your quality of life. Professional organizers can help accomplish that goal and keep you organized for years to come.

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